Q What is the URL(Website Address) of the portal?
A The portal of Banglar Uchchashiksha may be accessed from https://banglaruchchashiksha.wb.gov.in/
Q What if someone is failed to login to the portal with SACT password?
A The reasons of failure of login to Banglar Uchchashiksha portal may be,
Entering wrong password
Password of SACT application has changed recently
The new password for the portal may be generated by using Forgot Password option. Password retrieval email id will be registered email id in SACT.
Q What if the form submission failed?
A Special characters may be inserted into the fields or the data inserted are not compatible with field type.
Q What if the employee details is not available?
A The incorporated HRMS data synced on September'2019. So, the new employees or the left out employee data are not reflecting. It will be at par on further data synchronization.
Q What to do when salary appears with old pay structure?
A The incorporated HRMS data synced on September'2019. So, it is appearing with old structure and pay structure will be updated on next data synchronization with HRMS.
Q What if the other modules are not accessing?
A Other modules for data entering will be available shortly and in phased manner.
Q What if the colleges from GTA are not able to entering the employee data?
A GTA employees are not in HRMS database. So, a new scope/mode of data entry may be designed for them.
Q What if employee detail is appearing with old pay scale?
A Pay scale may be updated in employee profile form.
Q What if there is no presence of GB or Administrator in the college?
A There is an “Others” option to insert remarks in case of absence of GB or Administrator in the college.
Q What if the date of superannuation is not updated?
A Date of Superannuation for Teaching staff will update on re-selection of Date of birth.
Q What if the documents uploading is failed?
A Files to be uploaded are restricted to the maximum size of 2MB.
Q What if the subject details for general course?
A Subject name of the General courses are not to be entered.
Q What if the employee left the college?
A Employees who are retired, expired, transferred or left the college on any other reason may be deactivated from Head of the Institution end.
Q What if the DEO login is not working?
A The password of DEO may be re-generated at HOI login from "Create DEO Login"
Q How to create DEO login?
A DEO may be created from the option of "Create DEO Login" in HOI login.
Q When does it display the 100% completion of data entry for any of the modules?
A The 100% completion of a module will be shown if all the fields of a form under a particular module is properly filled up.

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