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~ Department Functionaries ~

Minister-In-Charge Shri Bratya Basu
Phone: 033 2334-6181(D) Ext. 3011
Fax-2337 6783
e.mail: edu[dot]mic[dot]wb[at]gmail[dot]com  
Private Secretary Shri Shibaji Ghosh
Designation Name Contacts
Principal Secretary Shri Manish Jain, IAS 2337-8573 Fax-2358-7266
Officer on Special Duty, State Gazetters in the rank of Special Commissioner,
NCC, NSS, Social Education, Matter of Directorate of State Archives, Integrated Law Cell
Shri Abhijit Mukhopadhayay, IAS 2321-1280
Senior Special Secretary, HED
Shri. Jaydip Mukhopadhyay, IAS 2334-2605
Senior Special Secretary, HED
CG, CS, Technical Branch & Appointment Branch
Shri. Siladitya Basuray, IAS 2321-0058 (3334)
Senior Special Secretary, HED
Establishment Branch, Appellate Authority, Budget Branch, University Branch, WBHS, SVMCM
Smt. Chandani Tudu, IAS 2337-6740
Special Secretary Smt. Swati Bandopadhyay, WBCS (Executive)
Joint Secretary, HED
Shri. Tanay Deb Sarkar, WBCS (Executive)
Financial Advisor & E.O. Joint Secretary Smt. Bhaswati Dwibedi, WBA & AS 2334-3214
Deputy Financial Advisor Shri Debanjan Biswas, WBA & AS  
Deputy Secretary / SPIO Shri. Sunit Mondal 2337-0239
Senior Law Officer and Ex-officio Assistant Secretary (Law), HED Shri Siladitya Chakraborty, WBLS 2321-0664
Senior Law Officer and Ex-officio Assistant Secretary (Law), HED Shri Chandan Ghosh, WBLS 9647732446
Designation Name Contacts
Director of Public Instruction, Higher Education Department Prof. Jayasri Ray Chaudhuri 033-2337 8269 (3096)
Additional  D. P. I. (Administration) Dr. Madhumita Manna 9903072249
Joint D.P.I (NGC) Shri. Tushar Kanti Ghara 9433062226
Joint D.P.I. (UGC) Dr. Shampa Datta Gupta 033-2334-6480, 9038310083
Joint D. P. I. Dr. Bikash De 9830693593
Joint D. P. I. (PPS) Dr. Dipak Das 9903477469
Joint  D. P. I. (UGC) Dr. Asis Kumar Ghosh 8910785119
Joint D.P.I (UGC) & NGC & DDO, State NSS Officer Dr. Rama Prasad Bhattacharya 9434483870, 7908461733
Joint  D. P. I. (S & S) , Appellate Authority Dr. Gopal Chakraborty 033-2337-3747, 9432267263
Joint D.P.I (UGC) Dr. Aparna Chakraborty 9830056449
Joint D.P.I (W.B) Dr. Sanjiban Sengupta 9433136923
Joint D. P. I.(WB) , SPIO Dr. Arindam Dasgupta 9679648215
Joint D. P. I.(UGC) Shri. Dipankar Sen 8972027319
Joint  D. P. I. Dr. Partha Gangopadhyay 9748178732
Joint  D. P. I. Smt. Jayarati Dasgupta 9051060295
Joint  D. P. I. (Training) Dr. Sujit Pal 9433294149
Joint  D. P. I. Dr. Shampa Mitra Sanyal 9088721597
Deputy D.P.I. Dr. Arindam Bhattacharjee 9830539051
AAssistant D.P.I. (Accounts) Shri Debadri Singha 9903325667
Assistant D.P.I. (Accounts) Shri Subrata Kr. Maity 8017953560
Assistant D.P.I. Shri Subrata Chattopadhyay 9800357559
Assistant D.P.I. (Accounts) Shri Prabir Kar 8337055795
Assistant D.P.I. (Accounts) Shri Madhusudan Das 7980541564
Assistant D.P.I. (Accounts) Shri Sambuddha Ghosh 9239662018
Account officer, Internal Audit Cell Shri Sujit Kr. Basak 9433110931
Account officer, Internal Audit Cell Shri. Chandrajit Mandal 9434240046
OSD Dr. Malay Mukhopadhyay 9432863688
OSD Shabina Nishant Omar 9830956162
OSD (University Branch) Dr. Snehasis Banerjee 9933160823
OSD Smt. Debahuti Sarkar 9433226425
Designation Name Contacts
Director of Technical Education Dr. Anindita Ganguly 2334-7077
Joint Director of Technical Education Smt. Bidisha Mukherjee 2334-7077(O) Ext.3235
Deputy Director of Technical Education Dr. Dhananjoy Saha 2334-7077(O) 2334-7075(D)
Assistant Director of Technical Education Smt. Sunita Kerketta 2334-7077(O) Ext.3293
Assistant Director of Technical Education Shri. Manoj Kr. Kanji 2334-7077(O)
Assistant Director of Technical Education Shri. Saibal Sinha 2334-7078(O)
Assistant Director of Technical Education (Audit & Accounts) Shri. Arun Kanti Das 2334-7077
Administrative Officer Joy Basu 2334-7077
Designation Name Contacts
State Editor, West Bengal District Gazetteers & Ex-Officio Principal Secretary Shri. Kanwaljeet Singh Cheema, IAS 2321-2550
Officer on Special Duty Shri Abhijit Mukhopadhayay, IAS 2321-1280
OSD (Additonal Secretary) Smt. Swati Bandyapadhyay, WBCS (Executive) 9064475914
OSD (Additonal Secretary) Shri. Palash Sengupta 8017972753
Deputy State Editor Shri. Swarup Sikder, WBCS (Executive) 2334-5401
OSD Shri Indrajit Paul 9432151096
OSD Shri Soura Mondal 9434337645
OSD Shri Amitesh Biswas 9830854910
OSD Smt. Paramita Chandra 7439952548
Assistant Editor Shri. Arindam Bhattacharyya, WBES 2334-5400
Designation Name Contacts
Director Dr. Simanti Sen 033-22413966, 9831074056
Chief Archivist Smt. Bidisha Chakraborty 033 22411044, 9433984605
Chief Archivist Shri. Anup Sarkar 8910257727
Archivist Dr. Madhurima Sen 033 22411044/22810661,
Assistant Archivist Smt. Rina Sinha 033 22411044, 9831282264
Assistant Archivist Dr. Sarmistha De 033 22411044, 9831146775
Assistant Archivist Smt. Rina Rani Roy 033 22810661, 9830497055
Assistant Archivist Shri. Sananda Sengupta 033 22411044, 8017437103
Assistant Archivist Smt. Madhuri Banik 033 22810661, 9230721455
Assistant Archivist Dr. Moumita Chakraborty 9434555054
Assistant Archivist Shri. Sumit Ghosh 033 22411044, 9434148341
Assistant Archivist Shri. Manas Kumar Sardar 033 22411044, 9434228426
Assistant Archivist Smt. Sashi Subba 033 22810661, 9434873111
Designation Name Contacts
Chief Executive Officer Dr. Aparajita Sengupta 2321-0058